What is Perfect My English?

Perfect My English is the platform for students, job seekers and professionals to enhance their communication skills in English and overcome the most common errors made in spellings, grammar and the usage.

Our aim here is to show you these errors through quiz-based self assessment and help you gain more accuracy and fluency through our feedback cycles and a highly personalized solution.

Founded during Startup Weekend Education Delhi (April 2012) as the first prize winner, Perfect My English is a team of enthusiasts working to make it easy for you to improve your English skills. Take short quizzes, read through our lessons, and improve your English at your pace, in your own time, anywhere!

Why choose Perfect My English?

Credible and easy to find

Directly accessible from some major universities through our campus ambassadors' network.

Quick results

Within the space of a few minutes on out platform, you can learn how to avoid pitfalls in English grammar such as not to sign emails with 'Kindly revert to the same', with authentic and 'easy to understand' explanations.

Personalized and Accessible

You do not need to attend crowded classes at distant locations or buy expensive books to learn. With Perfect My English, you can learn what you need to, when you need it.

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