Refund Policy

This policy covers the purchases, which are priced at Rs. 5,000 or below on Perfect My English. However, to be completely sure, please contact our support team before you enroll for the program.
The policy is explained below in detail. We request you to email us at or call us at +91-8373950906 if the policy is unclear to you. Buying a course/program from Perfect My English or its partners means that you agree and abide with the points below.

1. The refund policy is valid up to 4 days from the date of sale of the course if the course has been purchased by using the Payment Gateway available on Perfect My English.
2. The return guarantee is valid up to 3 days from the date and time the user login and password is emailed to the user, if the user has the payment made by doing a direct online bank transfer or cheque payment.
3. The only non-refundable part will be the service charges and tax, totaling to 12.5% for courses/programs purchased up to the listed price (MRP) of Rs. 5000.
4. Perfect My English explicitly defines that ‘Refund Policy’ is not applicable on any of the PME Voice programs being sold on the website.
5. Perfect My English will not refund any money for a discount coupon or a promotional code that the user may have purchased from any website other than Perfect My English.
6. If the user requests for a hard copy of the complete package, then the hard copy is dispatched only after the money back validity period is over (please refer to points 1 and 2 for clarity on the Guarantee period). If the user requests for a hard copy before the money back validity period is over, then the money back guarantee will stand cancelled.
7. The refund policy will not be valid on classroom trainings, delivered in premises of Perfect My English or one of its classroom training partners.

If you would like to exercise the refund guarantee policy, please ensure the refund period is still valid on your course. The company will process the refund in the above cases, once the user informs on about his or her will to un-enroll from the course. The refund will take around 10 working days to process.